While we’re waiting….

Yes, we know everyone is ready for the Clemson Wine Bar to open. We have been getting Facebook messages, emails and phone calls asking when the big day is.  Great news, we are really close to announcing the Grand Opening Date!!

So, on to the purpose of today’s blog post…

What is Value and Why is it Important?

As we’ve spent these past several months making big decisions for the wine bar, such as location, wine selection, and staffing needs, we’ve had to make decisions on all the small things too.  We’ve had the joy of choosing things like tables, chairs, décor, glassware, food options, equipment selection, signage, vendors, distributors, and a myriad of other tough choices, big and small.  It’s been a fascinating process, and we’ve truly learned some important lessons over these last several months.

One of the most impactful lessons we’ve learned focuses on VALUE.   Case in point, we looked at so many options for bar tops. We evaluated bar tops that were less expensive, but they would not have held up long term. We looked at a beautiful live edge wood top that was quite pricey, but high dollar isn’t always best value. We were told it is not the best solution for a bar top. We searched high and low. We spoke with bar owners, wine bar owners, restaurant owners and then we found something that you, our customer, will love to look at and will stand up to the wine glass traffic. Not inexpensive, not super pricey but great value. Wait until you see it.

We also put this VALUE mindset into practice as we’ve interviewed potential team members.  As we are hiring for our open positions, we are looking for employees with excitement and eagerness to learn and share knowledge about wine. We will not be “minimum” anything at the Clemson Wine Bar.  We are looking to build a team where loyalty, quality and reliability are paramount.  We only hire team members who add great value to our business, and in return, they will receive quality training, wine education and most importantly – enjoy their time with us while serving our customers with the highest level of customer service you could imagine.

This same philosophy – VALUE – rings true when it comes to the wine selection we will offer.  We are blessed to have been introduced to some amazingly talented and knowledgeable wine distributors from across the state.  Those distributors have introduced us to some of the most wonderful, delicious, impressive wines from around the world, along with the fabulous stories of how the wines were made and the love and thought that has gone into them.

Our first wine menu draft included about 40 different bottles of wine.  Because of the VALUE we identified in the depth and breadth of these wines over several months of tastings, our current draft is almost double that number.  Why did we choose to do this?  Not because we wanted to double the size of the menu, or find the storage needed to provide this many wines, nor the extra training needed to train our servers on the wine selection, and certainly not the invoices that will come in before opening day for the inventory.  There’s only one reason we chose to double the wine offerings – VALUE.  We took meticulous notes at each tasting, and we had to say no to several really good wines – because the only ones that made the final cut were wines of great VALUE.  Value doesn’t mean “the cheapest” – it means the best for the money.  Will you find VALUE in the wines at the Clemson Wine Bar?  You bet you will!  We will offer a great variety of options for all of our customers at price points to match your tastes.

I could continue to give you example after example of how VALUE came into play in almost every decision we’ve made for the wine bar in the past several months, but you get the point. You will know when you walk into the Clemson Wine Bar the very first time, the 100th time, or the 1000th time – we understand and recognize VALUE. We make a commitment to our customers and to ourselves, to always provide you with: amazing experiences, wines that will exceed your expectations, customer service that you will wish you had everywhere, delicious food, and contagious smiles. Through our commitment, you will know you  are an important part of our VALUE philosophy!

Until next time my friends – drink responsibly and remember – “Where there’s WINE, there’s always a WIN”

Make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram for updates, progress, and our grand opening announcement! We look forward to seeing you VERY SOON at the Clemson Wine Bar!

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