Clemson Wine Bar


From the time the wine has been bottled, it has one purpose. You can buy the wine, cellar the wine, touch the bottles, or give it as a gift but the purpose of the wine is to be enjoyed (aka – drank!). Only then can the wine evolve into a memory. Wine has the powerful ability to remind you what you loved about the wine, who you enjoyed it with and where you were when you enjoyed it. This is our passion: helping to create memories and experiences with you here at the Clemson Wine Bar.

Feel at Home

Have you ever been intimidated when ordering a glass or bottle of wine with a name like Gewerztraminer or Pouilly-Fuisse? We certainly have, and we have great stories we’re happy to share with you to prove we haven’t always been able to pronounce every wine label we’ve come across (and still can’t, but don’t tell anyone)!  If this is you, The Clemson Wine Bar (CWB) is for you. Have you been enjoying wine your entire adult life and are looking for a quaint place to indulge in a wine from your favorite region? The CWB is for you.

Clemson Wine Bar was created to be a gathering place for everyone. We are a quaint neighborhood place where friends, family and colleagues come to relax and enjoy great wine. If it is your first experience with wine we will walk you through finding what you love. We will strip away any “wine-xiety” and promise we’ll have you coming back to expand your viniferous horizons!  If your wine knowledge is already beyond novice, you too will want to keep coming back for the wine selection, atmosphere, location and ambiance of The CWB.